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Erboristeria l'albero della vita

Aqua di Ispra White Line Hand Cream

Aqua di Ispra White Line Hand Cream

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The White line, a fresh and floral fragrance, a delicate line that recalls the blossoming of spring. Discreet fragrance, it will tiptoe into your home and into your heart.

“Imagine being able to bottle a memory, as if it were an essence and, whenever you want, being able to smell it to be able to relive that moment again.. whenever you want. This is what Aqua di Ispra is. And now tell me, what symptoms does happiness have?" (Daniela Ferrari)

White line : flowery, fruity and vanilla scent

All the fragrances have been created from childhood memories lived in Ispra, a small town, a jewel set on the shores of Lake Maggiore, where life flows lightly, an enchanting place where the water is clean and Nature excels for its splendor.

Why choose it:

NO Parabens
High quality standards
Made with selected natural essences and raw materials of the highest quality
Unique product created by L'ALBERO DELLA VITA HERBALIST SHOP

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