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Erboristeria l'albero della vita



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Floral buds of the plant


Cloves are attributed numerous properties, among which the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ones stand out. They are used for the treatment of gastric ulcers, against colds and headaches and as a dental antiseptic.
In Indian medicine, cloves are used to treat ailments such as colic, flatulence, gastropathy, anorexia, halitosis, eye disorders and toothache. Excellent in case of canker sores, gingivitis, dental abscesses, sinusitis and diarrhea.

Usage tips

Infusion: 3/4 g of herb in a cup of hot water, leave to infuse for 10 minutes with a lid to prevent the essential oils from evaporating. Sip 1 cup a day.

Storage and WARNINGS

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. The functionality and safety of the product are guaranteed exclusively by the integrity of the packaging.

Cloves and their essential oil could establish drug interactions with:

Gastroinjurious drugs (essential oil);
Low molecular weight heparins;
Platelet aggregation inhibitors;
thrombolytic agents.

The information on this site should not be interpreted as medical advice and is not intended to replace medical prescriptions.
Since these are not medications, results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. The images are indicative and subject to variations.
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